Welcome to the 12th annual Molson Coors Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards!

The Molson Coors Scottish Entertainment & Hospitality Awards is unique in its approach by opening voting to those that engage most with the industry – the public themselves!

Our independent voting campaign runs annually from November to the beginning of April when voting closes and we invite communities from across the country to support their favourite local and national businesses by voting for them via our online voting system.

Our title partner is the fantastic Molson Coors, home to award winning drinks brands such as Coors, Carling  and Rekorderlig.

Competitors come from across Scotland to battle it out to be the very best in their chosen categories.  A truly national event, the Scottish Entertainment & Hospitality Awards attracts over 5,000 businesses to compete annually, and is growing year on year with support from the public.

If you are a Scottish business in the hospitality and entertainment industry all you need to do is register. It’s free to take part in the awards!

We pride ourselves in being the fairest contest in the country, handing power over to the people who really matter, the general public. The public will be invited to vote for their favourite venues/businesses across Scotland, businesses with the most votes in each category will make the final, it’s as simple as that.

If you’re lucky enough to make the final you will be put through the judging process: depending on your category you could be visited by our panel of esteemed independent judges  and scored, or you could be asked to submit documentation or you could be asked to take part in a live competitions. The judges’ decision is final and we ask judges’ visit to be complimentary.

The winner will be crowned at our legendary Gala Final in Glasgow.

Not everyone can walk away a winner on the night but those that do will be the very best of the nation’s favourites!

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