Outstanding Contribution to the Scottish Hospitality Industry 2016
- This individual will have become a staple in the Scottish hospitality scene and encompass everything hospitality needs to be.
Scotland’s Best Newcomer
- This venue will have been open no longer that 18 months from the final date 8/5/2016.
Scotland’s Best Restaurant
- This venue should be at the top of their profession. Displaying the use of fresh, local ingredients with flair and imagination.
Scotland’s Best Italian Restaurant
- This venue will be able to demonstrate everything that makes Italy famous. Passion, enthusiasm and great taste.
Scotland’s Best Indian Restaurant
- This venue needs to know its curry powder from garam masala, and treat the great Scottish public to the best India has to offer.
Scotland’s Best Asian Restaurant
- A hint of the orient, here in Scotland, this venue will encompass everything we love about Asia, with stunning food to match.
Scotland’s Best “Rest of the World” Restaurant
- From Argentina to Mexico, Vietnam to Morocco this venue will bring the tastes and cultures of countries far and wide to Scotland (Excludes Asian, Italian and Indian Restaurants).
Scotland’s Best Burger
- The worlds burger craze has well and truly hit Scotland, but who cooks the BEST burger, it’s not just two buns and a slab of meat, this is ART, compete if you think your burger can cut the mustard!
Scotland’s Best Boutique Hotel (Smaller Hotels)
- A small country abode, or a chic city hot spot, we are searching for the best boutique hotels across the country, be it independently run or part of a group we can’t wait to search out THE VERY BEST
Scotland’s Best Hotel (Larger Hotels)
- Who doesn’t love a nice hotel stay, but where in Scotland gives the BEST experience overall, from checking in to checking out, were looking for hotels offering guests sheer perfection.
Scotland’s Best Independent Bar
- Scotland has some of the best stylish bars around, but where is the best independently run bar?
Scotland’s Best Cocktail Bar
- Can you shake it like the best of them? Who doesn’t love a good cocktail, and we are looking for Scotland’s favourite bars dedicated to serving up the perfect drink. Can you be Scotland’s best?
Scotland’s Best Specialist Bar
- Gin? Rum? Whisky? Beer? Are you a bar specialising in a specific tipple? Then this one is for you... (Excludes cocktail bars).
Scotland’s Best Ice Cream Parlour
- The Scottish public are known for having a sweet tooth, and we want to find the venue serving up the best ice creams, desserts and shakes.
Scotland’s Best Late Night Venue (open after 1am)
- Do you open after 1am more than 3 nights a week? Then this is the category for you, taking the Scottish public into the wee hours of the morning.
Scotland’s Best Gastro Pub
- Pubs with great food are all the rage, and we have some of the best gastro pubs around, think you’re the best? Then get involved to win.
Scotland’s Best Pub
- We all have a local boozer, or that special pub we all love to frequent, be it smack bang in the city, or way out in the sticks, we want to find THE best pub in Scotland.
Scotland’s Best Tribute Venue
- Be it a Lady Gaga Night, an acoustic session, or a burlesque show, entertainment venues across Scotland are thriving, and we want to know where’s best to be entertained.
Scotland’s Best Family Day Out
- Family days out can be few and far between, so making it a special day is paramount. What venues across Scotland are offering families the perfect day out, young and old, making memories for years to come.
Scotland’s Best Marketing Team
- Promoting your venue is one of the hardest and most important aspects of making it work. Imagination is key, who has had the best ideas, and marketed their venue to the top.