Check out the Molson Coors Scottish Entertainment & Hospitality Awards’ categories 2019 and choose the right ones for you!

Best Family Restaurant

We are looking for a perfect spot for a family get together; a restaurant offering delicious food and going out of their way to provide an excellent experience for all generations. 

Best Take Away

Whether we are grabbing a bite in a rush or ordering in for a cosy evening we all appreciate the merits of a good take away; whether fish and chips, pizza, burger or kebab the winner of this award will be providing outstanding food on the go.

Best Newcomer

The winner of this award will be a new hospitality venue which will have been open no longer that 18 months from the date of the gala final – 28/04/2019.

Best Scottish Restaurant

From traditional earthy dishes to contemporary cuisine, the winner is able to serve the Scottish food heritage in a dish.

Best World Cuisine

From Australia to Mexico, Vietnam to India, up the Mediterranean and to Russia and China, this venue will bring the tastes and cultures of countries far and wide to Scotland.

Best Burger

Scotland’s Burger obsession continues, offering diners far more than just a poor man’s steak sandwich! Not limited just to meat burgers however as the last year has seen an explosion of meat alternative burgers and we

welcome all sorts!

Best Independent Bar

Scotland has some of the most exciting bars in Europe, but where is the best independently run bar in the country? Bars within this category must be independently managed, but may be owned by a larger group.

Best Cocktail Bar

Would Tom Cruise be proud of your hippy hippy shake? We are looking for the best of Scotland’s bars with a dedicated cocktail selection and mixologists delivering the absolute classics and experimental specials.

Best Irish Bar

Boasting a friendly atmosphere, hearty food and drink and traditional Irish entertainment, the winner of this category will be Scotland’s best showcase of the unique spirit of Irish culture.

Best Late Night Bar

Providing a space for socialising and an enjoying a sip well in to the night, the winner of this category will boast a great range of drinks, promos and the best atmosphere for a night out. Venues within this category must market themselves as a Late Night Bar (not a nightclub) and must open after 1am more than 3 nights a week.

Best Nightclub

If you are filling your dancefloor, and keeping the Scottish public partying in to the wee hours, then this is the category for you. Venues within this category must market themselves as a Night Club (not a late night bar) and must open after 1am more than 3 nights a week.

Best Entertainment Venue

Be it a tribute night, a live music session, a burlesque show, or something completely individual, entertainment venues across Scotland are thriving and we want to know where’s best to be entertained.

Best Pub

Maybe it’s smack bang in the city or way out in the sticks, we all have that special pub we return to time and time again…either way we want to find THE best pub in Scotland.

Best Country Pub

For the ultimate country bumpkin for one man and his dog propping up the bar. Winner of this category is the warmest and friendliest pub from the borders to the Highlands and Islands.

Best Wine Selection

Know your Shiraz from your Merlot, your Sauvignon from your Soave? The winner of this award will have the best wine list available in the country and is open to specialist bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Best Beer Selection

Scotland is leading the wave of craft beer creation, from the big dogs to the snappy start-ups. Which bar or pub has the best beer selection in the country though?

Best Café

We’re looking for the best café; selling everything from the perfect panini and sweet treats to gorgeous coffee.

Best Speciality Spirit Bar

Gin, vodka, rum, whisky…the spirits are having their day and we are looking for the venue that is offering innovative spirits from around the world.

Best Outdoor Catering

This category includes all businesses that provide the perfect outdoor catering as street food business, vans, market stall, police box vendors. If you attend festivals, markets, wedding events that is your category.

Best Bar Tender

Do you have what needed to be called best bar tender in Scotland? The winner knows how to formulate and serve the best alcoholic or soft drink beverages behind the bar All finalists in this category will be required to attend a live challenge (details tbc)